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Having a toothache is never a fun situation. Fortunately root canals provide a way to alleviate pain while saving the affected tooth. At Pray Family Dentistry we use a gentle touch to help you through a difficult situation.

Symptoms & Diagnosis

A root canal may become necessary when a tooth’s nerve has decayed or become infected. This can be due to cavities, fillings or trauma to a tooth. When the tooth’s nerve becomes infected, an abscess may form at the root of the tooth. During a root canal procedure the infected nerve is removed and the space filled to allow for healing.
  • Alleviate pain
  • Save the affected tooth
  • Gentle touch
  • Allow for healing

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If you are having a tooth problem call Pray Family Dentistry to set up a consultation with our friendly staff. If it’s an emergency and a dentist is not available, head to an urgent care clinic instead.

Why Choose Root Canal Treatment?

There is no need to live worrying about spontaneous pain/ throbbing while biting, or sensitivity to hot and cold foods. Dr. Pray, Dr. Austin and Dr. DeLo are here for you with many years of experience and education, ready to help you smile again.

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